Nutrition and Pain

Most patients realize no relation between the foods they eat and their back’s strength and health. Similar to the engine in your car, your body requires proper nutrition so that the muscles can continue to move and support the spine. If your car runs out of fuel, the engine quits and the car cannot move. If you have not eaten, your back muscles may quit working for you; they can weaken, tighten up, and become more susceptible to fatigue-related injury. Proper eating and supplementation to reduce inflammation and help heal damaged tissues

At ProHealth, we believe that when it comes to good health, a good offense is the best defense for optimal health and wellness. Preventive and maintenance practices are key to not only ensuring your current good health, but also preventing potential problems later on. To facilitate these concepts, ProHealth offers a number of educational courses and seminars that are designed to promote safety and injury prevention, such as:

Stress Management

Sports-specific Lectures

Nutritional Assessment & Counseling

Health and Wellness care is not about taking treatments or pills on a repetitive basis just to feel good. It is performing specific individualized examinations of the patient’s well-being at regular intervals. The interval and type of examination are based on the patient’s past history, family history, trauma history, occupation, lifestyle, nutritional habits, exercise, and toxic load.

It is universally agreed that it is easier to prevent problems than cure them. As your body chemistry changes as you grow older, our programs to maintain your health also change. We desire to assist you in maintaining the healthiest lifestyle possible. This requires regular exercise, proper diet and nutrition, restful sleep, and a balancing your activities. We tailor this unique and individualized program specifically to meet your needs.


Six Step Program to Health and Wellness



You need to know the “why” before the “how” – Attitude is everything.



Just about everyone feels stiff and sore at times, and most people over the age of 50 have lost about half of their flexibility.



This means eating well, not less, and finding the correct balance for you.



In June 2002, the AMA finally came right out and said that “…everyone needs extra nutritional supplement.” Of course, this was something that chiropractors had been telling their patients for over 100 years.


Play Well

Do something that you enjoy. There is no activity worse for you than tobacco – Hard to believe but true.


Don’t Give Up!

Our staff will be your coach and closely monitor your progress.