Work Related Injury Treatment

work-injury-treatment-in-alpharettaInjuries sustained on the job should always be reported to your employer. Workers compensation laws and benefits can get somewhat complex, but it is important to seek out treatment for any injuries early to ensure the best result. ProHealth specializes in workers compensation injuries and will assist you with questions regarding treatment and negotiating the workers compensation system.

ProHealth works with both employee and employer to treat work injuries at our Lawrenceville or Alpharetta Clinic. We not only want to treat the problem to relieve your physical pain, but also educate your workers to prevent future injuries from happening. By combining physical therapy and massage techniques to relax swollen or damaged muscles, we can help you return to work faster than waiting on the condition or injury to correct itself. Through examination, corrective treatment and health and safety education, our goals include:

Facilitating rapid recovery

Minimizing work absence

Protecting the MVP - YOU!